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Friday, January 20, 2012

400 Amp Meter Panel Installed

The 400 amp panel was necessary since I had 200 amps service and the PV array will provide up to 100 amps additional current across the same bus bars... exceeding the rating of the old meter panel.  This panel is a Siemens design specifically for PV grid tied co-generation.  There are two breaker slots for PV inverter inputs that feed directly to the meter bus.  In my case, the house has a sub-panel for almost all of the circuits.  So in the photos you see breakers MAIN, SUB-PANEL, and two others.  The panel was fitted with a 2-inch PVC conduit into my garage for future use.  There was a small sub-panel (removed) that served a welder outlet in the garage and the pool equipment in the yard.  I did not opt to keep the welder outlet at this time since it does not match my machine.  Power was cut off about 8:30AM and restored at 2:00PM after final inspection by Glendale building inspector (green tag on door).  Wire cables from the APS transformer were not replaced as originally stated, because there was a miscommunication between the engineer at SRSW and APS.  The APS concern was that the riser pipes had couplings (no wire splices).  Since the new panel was taller, the couplings and extended pipe pieces were removed.  This remedied the issue without changing the service entry cables.  An upgraded water bond ground wire is visible on the right side going up over the parapet wall and to a roof mounted faucet previously used for an evaporative cooler.  This was required by the city inspector who was nice enough to pass the install and let the ground be added prior to the next inspection (when the PV array is added).

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