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Friday, February 17, 2012

99 Photo Voltaic (PV) Panels Lifted

Today the racking crew shifted to panel installation.  99 panels were lifted from 4 pallets where they've been sitting since October.  Besides the 3-man racking crew, two additional electricians showed up to wire the inverters to the combiner panel.  They ran out of parts just short of running from the combiner to the meter and the disconnect.  The prognosis is that they'll be finished on Monday or Tuesday and have a final city inspection with roof walk-through on Tuesday.  The extra electricians assisted with panel placement and anchoring.  The panels are shown with a lot of accumulated dust.  I will wash them tomorrow, but I need to wait until everything is cleared from the roof due to the amount of dirt and dust accumulated everywhere.  I'll hose the entire roof down in sections with soft water and use dish soap on the glass panels.

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