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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Inspections by City of Glendale

SRSW electricians showed up early to pull the last 4 feet of cable from the disconnect switch through the back of the meter service panel.  They brought a 125A 240V Siemens breaker to install the co-generation feed onto the special lugs to back-feed the meter into the APS grid.

A test meter was installed and the system was run for about 6 KWH. The system worked flawlessly with about 3000 watts from each inverter at around 9AM.  This should be dramatically increased when the sun is higher in the sky.

Here is a brief update at 4PM.

The Glendale electrical inspection failed because the breaker mentioned above was not a 22KW rated, per the plans and per APS requirements.  The reason given to me, is that this breaker sits on lugs attached to the main meter, not feeding through any other main breaker with the rating required by APS.  The 22KW rating is to ensure that a high in-rush current would open the breaker and not just melt it down or weld the contacts closed. Not RED TAGGED, but not final either.

The Glendale building inspection passed. This was the inspection of all setbacks per Glendale Fire Department Codes, adherence to plan for panels and racking, and any loose ends not covered by electrical permits and inspections. A bright green tag was completed and added to the "MUNI" folder with the permits.

SRSW guys said a breaker will be located and installed in a day or two. The Glendale electrical inspector will be called back to approve.  APS will receive dual notifications from the City of Glendale and from SRSW when the final approval is given.

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