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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Another Day, Another 135kWh

OK, I'm getting bored.  It is a week now and reading the meter is not such a thrill.  I think occasionally walking by will suffice to alert me to any issues of shade or other problems.  Maybe the network connections will be installed soon and I can just check on-line on a web page.

I called Salt River Solar and Wind so report that 4 panels on the patio cover are shaded completely after 4pm.  There are four more panels that need adjustments on the racks to slip them further apart (both pairs can move) to eliminate some shading of the northern pair by the southern pair.   Also, I have a tree just over the parapet wall on the studio, shading one panel's lower edge.  According to the engineer, portrait mounted panels are susceptible to lower edge shading where all the silicon wafers are in different series length-wise.  Any shading that completely crosses the panel will shut off the flow through that panel and deaden the entire string (eleven panels in my case).  I will cut the tree top this weekend.  One other panel is partly shaded by a neighbor's palm after 4pm.  He said he does not mind getting rid of it.  If you know palms you know why.  I offered him a Palo Verde tree to replace it but he declined.  I'll try to be handy when he's ready to cut.

I went on the roof yesterday and was surprised how much dust is on the panels already since I rinsed them on Saturday.

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