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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Final Inspection -- PASSED

Salt River Solar and Wind (office 623-249-2796) sent Jason over to install the 22kIAC rated 125-Amp 240-Volt back-feed breaker.  I had this shipped overnight from a dealer in Virginia (purchased on eBay).  This saved us another lost week of production waiting for the local electrical supplier.  After the final inspection I received an email from APS (Arizona Public Service utility company).  The email indicated they had received approval notification from Glendale -- referred to as the AHJ (Authorities Having Jurisdiction).

Here is the text of that email:

AHJ Clearance Received
We have received the AHJ(Authorities Having Jurisdiction) clearance for your reservation NNNNN.

If you are installing a grid tied system (photovoltaic or wind), for your safety and for the safety of APS personnel, do not operate your system until receiving notification that your system has passed APS compliance check. Solar water heating systems may be operated after final AHJ clearance has been received. Visit to check the status of your incentive application. If you have any questions, contact us at (602) 328-1924 or by e-mail at

Thank you for using
So, as you can see above we are still not on-line producing power.  I must wait until the "system has passed APS compliance check".  I am expecting a call any day now for that inspection.  Also, Jason said APS will swap out my 6 register smart electric meter for one with 8 registers -- 2 additional for tracking peak and off-peak back-feed or co-generation.  When they are here they will also tag or seal the new production meter and the disconnect switch box.

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