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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Full Sun All Day -- 140kWh with 67kWh of Peak Backfeed

We turned on the system around 11AM last Friday.  Since then there were two very cloudy and rainy days.  So today (Monday) is the first clear sky full sun production day starting at sunrise and going to sunset without any excuses.  The production meter went from 351 up to 491 -- 140kWh.  The smart meter shows overnight consumption of 24kWh with 2kWh on-peak.  The total backfeed was 104kWh with 67kWh on-peak.  This is pretty impressive to me because my daughter was home with the two teens baking pies all day and cooked a big dinner before the peak period ended.  That's where the 36kWh went that are not shown on the smart meter.  Of course, if you realize it went to the internal demand and never passed through the APS smart meter then you can see it never was qualified as either on-peak or off-peak... just usage that did not flow out to APS.

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