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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Heavy Overcast Still Produced 78KWH

The skies varied from partly sunny to dark gray overcast from dawn until dusk.  I installed two soft water line hose bibs on the roof.  I placed two 50-foot garden hoses with nozzles to remain on the roof for washing the panels.  Today I rinsed them with soft water, no soap, and it is about 99% compared with the full dish soap and terry mop process that I used a month ago.  I need to find a couple of storage boxes for the hoses to protect them from UV damage and to prevent birds from nesting in the coils.

At one point I had rinsed more than half the panels and went down the ladder to get the second hose.  While I was down, and with cool wet panels on the roof, I saw all three inverters rise above 7000 watts as the sun moved fully out from behind the clouds for a minute or two.  The production meter speed was impressive.  I rushed to get my video camera and recorded it.  Afterward I went back to the inverters and they were all back below 5000 watts again.

Note: Saturday is all off-peak so the readings indicated we pulled 7KWH from the grid during the day due to high demand for hot water and clothes dryer... or just lack of sun-light for production at some point.  The starting reading shows we pulled 24KWH from the grid during the night.  I suspect this was mostly the water heater that has a timer set to run early in the morning.

Last reading from yesterday, first this morning, noon, and last for today:

TIME    In   Peak  MaxK   Out  Peak   MaxK  Produced
19:14     82     18     1.60     78     61     15.08     104
07:10   106     18     1.60     78     61     15.08     104
12:02   106     18     1.60     92     61     15.08     136
18:03   113     18     1.60   125     61     15.08     182 

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