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Monday, March 19, 2012

Partly Cloudy -- 101KWH Produced -- 40KWH of Peak Backfeed

The production meter says 101KWH was produced.  The backfeed amounts on the smart meter show gains of 73KWH total with 40KWH of peak.  Consumption from the grid (off hours or during low light) was 25KWH total with 4KWH of peak.  Two grandkids are home on spring break so we probably had extra peak watts for laundry and TV and other stuff that is atypical.

Time  Kwh In  Peak In Dmd In  Kwh Out  Peak Out  Dmd Out  Production
3/18 final readings
20:45   151         18       1.60        170            61          15.08         250
3/19 final readings
21:13  176          22       2.27        243          101          15.08         351

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