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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Hot Summer Days

Well it has been a while.  Hot weather is offsetting the production we gain from longer days.  The highest production day was 168kWh with steady wind cooling the panels.  The stifling hot days had production down below 140kWh.  Today, July 4th, we produced only 50kWh with intermittent rain and heavy clouds all day.

The June bill was for 33 days and totaled 20.05.  This is pretty consistent and after 3 months I am paying about 65 cents per day for fixed charges like having a meter and having it read (electronically).  I'm happy with that and the bank of surplus kWh is approaching 7000 -- more than my two largest months of usage last year when the AC units needed service and the house was less insulated.  Repairs and service on the two big AC units and the small window unit, along with adding R14 of new foam on the roof, should lead to reduced consumption for this July and August.

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