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Monday, June 24, 2013

1 percent failure rate (1 out of 99 panels)...  It still produces electricity with inner glass layer shattered.  The top glass layer is smooth and unbroken so I don't know when it will actually need to be replaced.  No water gets into the panel when I wash it.


  1. Today I contacted Centrosolar by web contact and email. The warranty is 10 years for defects and 26 years for performance. I believe this one is defective because the inner layer of glass is broken and the cracks radiate out from a single spot that looks like rust... I think there was an inclusion of a bit of metal when the solar cells were pressed and bonded onto the glass. Fortunately there is a USA headquarters for Centrosolar right here in AZ.

  2. Last Friday the Centrosolar rep came and examined the broken panel. He found that is was indeed defective. I appreciate that. Since then I received a call and an email from Centrosolar and contact from a local electrical contractor who will replace the panel. Centrosolar confirmed that an exact replacement panel was in stock locally. The electrician came and installed it yesterday. The system was off for about 2 hours and I saw about 30 kWh less production due to that interruption. It's about a buck-and-a-half at the low winter rates but now we expect the system to run at peak performance again. Thanks Centrosolar America in Scottsdale and RDS Electric in Glendale.


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