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Monday, February 09, 2015

2014 is gone, surplus electricity was smaller than 2013

The 2014 PV production year ended with the last meter reading on December 19.  On that date a surplus of  8611 kWh resulted in a credit of $249.29.  That's 0.028950 per kWh.  I would rather give it to someone but that's how it works.  APS sold most of that on peak power summer rates when I produced it.  After subtracting current charges of $9.94 the net credit was added to the prior credit balance of $178.09 for a total credit balance of $417.44.  I have since requested and received a check for $300 of this surplus on the account.  The idea of taking that amount was to leave enough ($117.44) to cover 12 months of bills if all were under ten dollars.  This is mostly the case.  But since the credit balance of kWh was converted to dollars on December 19, we've had cold and rainy weather.  On January 21, 2015 we had a new bill for $91.20 and that leaves only $26.72 as the credit balance.  So after another 3 billing cycles we will start paying the monthly fees again.  By then we will have surplus power on each bill, but APS only settles accounts once each year.  It would be nice if that date was after the cold weather, along about March would be nice.

Just a follow-up to the prior posting.  I never received anything back from the AZ Corporation Commission. Nothing concerning how little the surplus power is worth at the end of each year.  Nothing about my comment on the solar customer surcharges granted and how the power company requested huge amounts and got more than double their actual network maintenance costs from new solar accounts.

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