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Sunday, December 24, 2017

No Surplus Power in 2017

The last meter reading of 2017 was on December 20th.  I was about 4 winter days of production short of breaking even. This was no surprise considering the extravagant use of the surplus power in November to heat the pool for over a week.  We had out-of-state guests and all they needed was about a 20-degree rise in the pool temperature.  The 130,000 BTU/Hr heat pump runs near 30 Amps continuous at 245 volts.  We were running it day and night to get up to the desired water temperatures.

So in the last month I needed 250kWh of power and paid about $45 for it.  The generating cost was only 16.50 and the rest was delivery and fees and taxes.

If you read earlier posts you know the fees and taxes decrease with the generating costs so that the bill can be as low as 9.36 per month when no electricity is used (net of in/out).

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