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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

APS Compliance Check Scheduled for Friday Morning

Sheri Soto at Salt River Solar and Wind (SRSW) rocks!  After being told last week that I'd hear from APS in 2-3 weeks, she got my compliance check scheduled for Friday.  She said she was pushing them for today (Wednesday) and got Friday instead... insisting that they just get on with it.  It really helps to have someone tell APS to do their job because utility companies are "regulated" (READ THAT AS: guaranteed to make a profit no matter what they do).  Unless someone tells them to step up, they can be as complacent as civil servants. 

I'll have news and video of the system running on-line Friday afternoon. 

Topics to come:
  • KWH production amounts by inverter with weather information for reference.
  • Estimated carbon emissions reductions -- provided by inverter display
  • Impact of co-generation on my SMART METER readings on-line at
  • Monitoring over the network, not yet installed

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