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Thursday, March 15, 2012

In case you want to do this too...

Nancy from SRSW returned my call today.  She confirms that the 20-year prepaid lease is still available.  You make one payment and the production of electricity from your system is guaranteed by SRSW for 20 years.  Incentives from the utility company require that the systems have either 20 years of manufacturer warranty or 20 years of warranty supplied by a leasing company.  SRSW is providing that 20 year plan for systems from as small as 2KW for 1 dollar per watt.  Yes, the price has gone down again.  Only 1 dollar per watt from you, the rest is collected by SRSW from the utility company and from government incentives.   In my case I paid 1.10 per watt and APS (utility company) paid 1.45 per watt.  Incentives from utility companies are complex, but the baseline amount is 1.00 dollar per watt, more if you wait in line for it.  See my earlier posts on the reservation request system.

Would you pay 8000 dollars to have all your electricity needs paid for at least 20 years?  What would your payback interval be based on your current average electric bill?

NOTE ABOUT SRSW:  They are no longer in business from what I can tell, and the AZ Registrar of Contractors lists them as LICENSE REVOKED!  I guess I'm on my own for the remaining 18.5 years of the warranty/lease period.

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