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Friday, April 06, 2012

APS Green Team Answer

Today I spoke to the APS Green Team.  I had emailed a question on the APS web site and had a phone message from the Green Team, so I was calling back.  The question was about why my new SMART METER is not posting any data on the My APS web site.  The answer is the the grid tied meter, albeit a SMART METER, is not currently supported by the My APS web page and will not post daily usage or co-generation numbers.

Now I need to pester Salt River Solar and Wind (my contractor) about installing the NICs into the three inverters so that I can see the PV production numbers on a web site.

JUST A FOLLOW-UP... This problem has been corrected.  Bi-directional metering is not fully supported, but the web pages do have daily usage (consumption only) again.

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