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Friday, April 06, 2012

Surplus power now exceeds 1 megawatthour of PEAK

I've been tracking the meter readings daily in a spreadsheet.  I use OpenOffice from It has been 3 weeks today since the system was commissioned.  By tracking the production meter, the total and peak kWh incoming, the total and peak kWh outgoing -- I can see daily net metering values as well as my consumption that is not metered by the power company.  Power that is used in my house rather than back-fed into the APS power grid does not show up on the APS meter.  It is available by taking the production meter reading and subtracting the prior day production meter reading, then subtracting total kWh of back-feed current day minus prior day, then adding total kWh incoming current day minus prior day.  Incoming is mainly off-peak during our non-producing hours at night.  To date we have produced 2731 kWh, and sent out a surplus of 1305 kWh -- 1043 kWh of that was on-peak and 262 kWh was off-peak.  Highest daily production has been 149 kWh on April 2, 2012.  Highest consumption was on March 25, 2012 when we produced 95 kWh and used 106 kWh -- I was working on one air conditioner and running the other harder than usual to try to keep the whole house cool.  The largest single day net gain (surplus into grid) was 95 kWh on March 21, 2012.

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